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Sleep Disorders, Stress & Anxiety

are you lying in bed, tossing and turning all night?
does it takes hours for you to drift into sleep?
do you wake up during the night, and have trouble falling back to sleep?
do you struggle to find the energy to get out of bed in the morning?

Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment will uncover the root cause of the problem, address it, and promote the healthy balance that allows you to have restorative deep, sleep every night. Whether your sleep disturbance is linked to poor diet, digestive difficulty, hormonal imbalance or emotional stress, identifying the root cause, teaching you helpful self care techniques and regular acupuncture treatment promotes the kind of permanent changes that allow you to sleep restfully every night.

Stress and Anxiety are negative, almost unavoidable drains on our lives.  Our bodies react to stress automatically.  Almost every person I treat is living with some level of daily stress.  

It's been wonderful to observe how acupuncture and herbal therapy helps my patients quickly feel more relaxed.  When muscle tension eases, and the mental chatter detailing the "to do list" in our minds finally stops, and when you can breathe deeply and easily, --- every cell in your body benefits, and thanks you.  For many of my patients, the acupuncture sessions are "time outs," offering healing space to set aside stressful thoughts and concerns, and enjoy restorative quiet.  They leave the treatment session feeling both rested and energized!

If you've been living with stress for some time, or are trying to manage difficult anxiety levels, you might also consider our 90 minute "Healing Duet" session, combining a full body massage and acupuncture.

We're happy to talk with you and answer any questions you have about the treatment.  Feel free to contact the office.  We look forward to hearing from you!

I've worked with many acupuncturists in the past 10 years, but Njemile is the absolute best!  She's given me consistent, professional care and attention.  I feel well cared for, after each session.  I'm sleeping better than I have in years!   

Njemile Carol Jones, L.Ac.
Transcend Healthcare
113 Oronoco Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Fellow, American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM-2009)

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